Reading Lists
Aquatic Adventurer

You and your aquatic adventurer can take a deep dive and discover the fascinating life lurking below the water's surface with these great books!

By the Sea

Don't be crabby if you're far from the beach this summer. Instead, try one of these ocean-inspired YA reads that are "shore" to make you happy as a clam!

Ocean Tales

Thanks to the amazingly diverse marine life and environment, learning about the ocean is so much fun! This list includes fun fictional and nonfictional tales about aquatic creatures. 

Seas the Day

Cast your net over these books and "sea" what you might uncover in one of these books!

Birth to 24 Months

Help young children develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime.  Read these fun books about animals and rhymes to your young one and watch their imagination grow.

2 to 5 Year Olds

Encourage your toddler to read with exciting books that span from simple picture books to more elaborate stories. Watch your child grow into a lifetime book lover.

Laptime Storytime

Join Mrs. Tiffany for a laptime storytime!  This list includes all of the books she's read so far!  You can watch the Laptime videos at https://www.fa ...
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Ms. Robin's Favorites

Do you have a favorite book?  Here are some of Ms. Robin's favorites that she's shared online. You can watch them at ...
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Story Break with Mrs. Tiffany

It's time for a story break with Mrs. Tiffany!  Join Mrs. Tiffany as she reads a story to animals or shows you something interesting in nature.  This list ...
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Biography Break with Ms. Robin

Real people are fascinating!  Want to learn more about them?  These amazing biographies are available at the library.  You can also join Ms. Robin for ...
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