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Southern Cross the Dog
by Bill Cheng

It took three tries before I finally committed to reading Southern Cross the Dog. I debated DNFing multiple times, finally deciding against it because 1) I chose it for a reading challenge, and 2) I wanted to push outside of my comfort zone. I should have gone with my gut; I really disliked the book, all the way through. There was no sense of plot, I didn't connect with the characters, and the absolute abstinence from quotation marks was confusing, rather than artistic, as I assume was the intention. Lastly, I want to mention that this majorly Black cast does not reflect the soulful, mournful, yet proud ambiance that I sense the author was trying to produce. The atmosphere fell flat--it just wasn't there. I'm going to forget I ever wasted time on this book now okay thanks bye

No Time for Bed
by Annette Rustling

Nice bedtime read.

by Sayaka Murata

Fantastically weird!

Banned Book Club
by Kim Hyun Sook

2.5 stars I didn't like the art style (just personal preference, really), and I also felt that there was too much of a happy ending. "Life sucked but all of the main characters survived the communist regime and lived happily ever after the end."

The Deepest Of Secrets
by Kelley Armstrong

Good series.

One True Loves
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Good book.

The Princess In Black
by Shannon Hale

This book is great seeing the princess save everyone from the monsters.

Mermaids (Amazing Mysteries)
by Ashley Gish

I liked the part where the mermaid turned the old man into a young man!

The Bad Guys Attack Of The Zittens
by Aaron Blabey

It's amazing! My favorite part was when they stuffed Snake full of yarn balls!

We Were Liars
by E. Lockhart

It had a great plot twist, but the style of writing was hard to follow, and not many of the characters were that likable in my opinion.