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The End Of Her
by Shari Lapena

Good book but didn’t like the ending.

A Private Cathedral
by James Lee Burke

Good book and series.

Into The Wild
by Jon Krakauer

Great narrative. I wasn’t a huge fan of Krakauer inserting a couple of chapters about his own experience, while it was interesting and I believe he was trying to make a connection with Chris, it was completely unnecessary to Chris’s story.

The silent wife
by Karen slaughter

Terrific book.

Night Shift
by Stephen King

Like any anthology, Night Shift has at least one story to suit anyone. Like any anthology, nobody is guaranteed to love every story. For me, Night Shift holds many more hits than misses. Night Shift has been my go-to novel for years when I'm between books. Don't know what to read? Pick up Night Shift for a bite-sized thrill to fill the void!

The Horologicon
by Mark Forsyth

Though of the two I much prefer The Etymologicon, The Horologicon is an etymological treat to the word-nerds of the world. Probably, I wasn't as interested in this book because the words presented are all essentially dead, out of commission, useless in modern times. Adding any new word into your vocabulary can be a challenge, more-so if it is a word that nobody around you understands or uses. This makes The Horologicon--while fascinating and funny--otherwise an etymology of irrelevant words. That said, I still highlighted tons of words I hope to incorporate in my own usage. And who knows, if Phineas and Ferb can teach the world to use the proper term 'aglet' maybe there's hope of me expanding my vocabulary after all.

Invisible Monsters
by Chuck Palahniuk

Honestly like 4.75 stars, but just not quite enough to be an all-time favorite. I cannot begin to describe what a wild, thrilling, twisty, glamorous, and unexpected wonderland of an adventure I just went through. Invisible Monsters is, if I may be a little cheeky, messy good fun! The pacing is flawless--I flew through this novel; it was simply unputdownable. The prose is unique and hits just the right notes. The characters are well-defined and original. Basically I'm kicking myself for not having read this sooner. It's just been sitting on my bookshelf for literal years! Chuck Palahniuk, with this novel, has irrefutably become one of my favorite authors.

Three Complete Novels
by Sue Grafton

Warning: This author will chill you to the very bone and make you vow to only read her entire series with the lights turned up fully on bright! A is for Alibi will startle you on the very last page--in fact, in the last two paragraphs! And the crazed, demented character revealed in B is for Burglar will truly make your skin crawl! And C is for Corpse will give you the willies during a flight for survival through the corridors of a deserted hospital morgue! Sue Grafton was absolutely brilliant!

by Dante Alighieri

In terms of how much I enjoyed reading Inferno my rating is closer to 2 stars. However, for its impact on literature and for the chutzpah! it must have taken Dante to publish this 14th-century roast-fest I bump it up to 3! What I really want to do now is find a modern version of Inferno that relates to political/religious figures of my generation; people whose backgrounds I know, or even just those whose names I can recognize. I have to admit that I hardly understood what I was reading, as I'm not exactly up to date on my papal history... Though I DNF'd this one twice in the past (almost a third time again!) and it took me three days to get through, I'm glad to say I finally have Inferno under my literary belt!

Midnight Sun
by Stephenie Meyer

Not as good as the original series.
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