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Eternal Life
by Dara Horn

The concept of this book was very interesting. I liked the historical elements about it and the main character's perception of the world after having lived for so long. I wish there was more of a climax to the story rather than a cut out of her long life, but that's my preference.

Emily Windsnap and the Tides of Time
by Liz Kessler

I loved the book. I was thinking if you could make another book called “Emily Windsnap and the Missing Friend”. I would share this with someone.

Bad Kitty Gets A Bath
by Nick Bruel

I loved this book so much. I love reading books of written by Nick Bruel.

July Our Daily Bread
by Various

I love the devotions.

The Simple Art Of Murder
by Raymond Chandler

A classic, make that THE classic essay on detective fiction! Chandler's insights into what a true hero is are not to be missed!

Granny's Wonderful Chair
by Frances Browne

This was a wonderful story of jolly feasts and magical fairies! The food will make you hungry.

No Bad Deed
by Heather Chavez

Decent plot.

The Woman In White
by Wilkie Collins

Very twisty! 'The Woman in White,' often touted as the first modern mystery novel, easily keeps pace with the suspense and crime novels of today despite its' size and formal language. Lies and secrets abound. Just when you think the case is clearing up, the lens shifts again, and new complications arise. As the novel progresses, you don't know who you can trust, no matter how charming they outwardly appear. The characters are easily my favorite aspect of 'The Woman in White.' From Marian to Margaret, a multitude of voices relay their knowledge of events, weaving an extraordinary gothic drama. Don't be intimidated by the bulk of this book. It has stood the test of time--is even acclaimed on Collins' headstone--deservedly.

Thea Stilton And The Star Castaways
by Stilton

Wow :)

One For The Murphys
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Great Book :)
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