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A Chair For My Mother
by Vera B Williams

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I liked when they got the chair

My Little Pony - Rarity’s Fashion and Style
by Board Books

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Good quick read about one of our favorite ponies!

by Keum Suk Gendry-kim

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Grass is the epitome of poignancy. My heart ached for Granny Lee Ok-sun and the other women of this biography. Though at first I didn't like the character art style, it quickly grew on me. The nuances in facial and body language from panel to panel perfectly capture human emotion. This, paired with the stunning and moody landscapes and scenery, really serve to take the reader by the hand and lead them through Granny Ok-sun's woeful past. The art of Grass tells half of the story. My heart aches for these Grannies. I wish them happiness and peace in their old age.

Ignite Me
by Tahereh Mafi Shatter Me Series

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Plot twist is good.

Pooh visits the doctor
by Kathleen zoehfeld

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Annual checkout with owl.

The Enchanter Nabokov
by Vladimir Nabokov

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4.5 stars Exquisite! The Enchanter is the perfect appendage to the infamous Lolita. For those like myself who simply adore Nabokov and can't get enough of his (dare I say) enchanting prose, this novella is a real treat! I found The Enchanter far more scandalous than Lolita is, while still being nearly as refined and precise. This story is what people who haven't actually read Lolita presume it to be. For the sick, chaotic part of me that loves dramatics, The Enchanter is what I was hoping for from Lolita the first time I read it. Although there was a little unnamed something (perhaps just the length of the novel) that left this not quite as perfect as the masterpiece that is Lolita, I relished in this story nonetheless! I already know I will read this one to tatters.

In Farleigh Field
by Rhys Bowen

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I had really high hopes for this book! I'm a fan of the author and her other books (I love The Tuscan Child), but I felt that this one never really got the ball rolling. It was like I was dragging my feet along for the entire book!

Little House In The Big Woods
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

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We have really been liking the Little House on the Prairie Books as a family.

Alexis Gets Frosted
by Coco Simon

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I liked it, but it was not my favorite of the Cupcake Diaries series.

The Shameless
by Ace Atkins

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Good book. I like the series.

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